The Record of Ragnarok Manga and Anime mixed an infinity of beliefs and religions together so that we can see Odin alongside Zeus, Shiva along with Beelzebub and many others. These higher beings have decided to exterminate humanity, but there is someone who has not accepted it: Brunhilde the Valkyrie.

Brunhilde is only the first of a few sisters who there are thirteen in Record of Ragnarok. But who are the Valkyries really in the myths and which ones have surfaced in the manga and anime so far?

Characters of Norse myths are those who You choose the warriors who fell in battle to bring them to Walhalla or F√≥lkvangr. It is not surprising that the original term Valkyrie comes from the union of the words “choose” and “warrior who fell in battle”, that is, the one who selects the warriors who have fallen in battle. Your job is to obey the will of Odin, your father, and in Norse myths there are mainly ten.

In Record of Ragnarok we have 13 Valkyries instead that will accompany people in their disputes. In the manga currently in progress, we knew:

  • Brunhilde (the first sister)
  • Hrist (the second sister)
  • Thrud (the third sister)
  • Randgriz (the fourth sister)
  • Reginleif (the seventh sister)
  • Hlokk (the eleventh sister)
  • Goll (the thirteenth sister)

So there are eight missing to know, that could be Hildr, Sigrun, Svava, Silvia and. be Sigrdr√≠fa, the most common in myths. We’ll surely meet others in the second season of Record of Ragnarok. However, the anime also turns out to be rich in important characters from the human side too: don’t miss the story of Chinese leader Lu Bu.

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