Pokémon explorationLike every series connected to the franchise, season one is nearing its end and episode 49 seems to lay the foundation for the beginning of the second. The episode will focus entirely on Chloe and her adventure with a Pokémon that the community loves.

Thanks foiled after a filler episode centered on Team Rocket's umpteenth plan to take Pikachu down Lucario is CinderellaIt's finally time to put the spotlight in the spotlight Chloe (Koharu). Professor Sakuragi's daughter will actually come across a special Eevee. But let's see the summary of togetherEpisode 49 of Pokémon Exploration what follows:

"The" Eevee Evolution Laboratory "in the city of Kuchiba is a research institute specializing in Eevee and its further developed forms. One day a certain and" special "Eevee lives next to its 8 developments, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon and everyone else accidentally meets with Chloes Yamper and both are lost and cannot return to the lab. Believe it or not, Eevee will make it to Chloe's school. "

What better opportunity than this to give that Chance for Chloe to catch Eevee and take part in the adventures of Ash and Goh? Additionally, such an event could once and for all sanction the end of the first season of Pokémon Explorations and the start of the second. In fact, the anime's staff have announced that they will be updating the billboard starting next week. And on the other hand, you think it's time Chloe joins the protagonists? Let us know with a comment below.

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