Pokémon Explorations is set to arrive in Italy soon, but in the meantime, the broadcast is resuming quickly in Japan and it wasn't until today that episode 33 aired. At the end of the episode, the teaser of the next episode was shown as usual. what apparently will stage the clash between Ash and a famous gym leader.

We're also talking about Fabia, a Pokémon trainer who specializes in combat type Later gym leader in Pokémon Sword. The girl made her debut a few months ago in the second episode of the animated series Pokémon Twilight Wings and will finally get a place in the new official series.

The summary of episode 34 entitled "The lonely fighter Saito! The threatening Otosupus !!"(The lonely warrior Bea! The menacing Grapploct !!) reads as follows:"Ash and Go head to Yamabuki's Dojo for a Pokémon battle against the gym owner, the Great King of Karate. But wait, is it true that the Great King of Karate defeated one of the Galar Gym Leaders?".

The fight between Ash and Fabia should apply to them Pokémon World Cup, Tournament in which the protagonist is still undefeated. The preview seems to be expecting Fabia to use Hawlucha is Grapploctwhile Ash will leave Farfetch'd (Form of Galar) e Riolu. The clash could be one of the most difficult the protagonist faces in this new season.

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