Pokémon Exploration: Ash and Goh compete against Zacian and Zamazenta in the final episode

The series Pokémon exploration has finally officially introduced the Legends of Galar with the last episode, starting a mini story arc of four episodes that partially traces the events in the Pokémon Sword and Shield video games.

As soon as news from a very special phenomenon in the Galar regionAsh and Goh immediately went as researchers to sort out the situation. However, during their journey, they were suddenly surrounded by thick fog, in an environment that will be familiar to fans of the video game.

It is indeed the Sleeping Grove, a deeply mysterious place where the two young Trainers suddenly found themselves facing an incredibly powerful Pokémon. Zacian and Zamazenta, the wolves of legend who in the past managed to free the region from the dark night, an event that seems to have struck Galar again. Of course, Ash and Goh are trying to get information about their majestic opponents, but the Pokédexes recognize the species in no doubt.

Then two very intense fights begin with good animation and video game soundtrack. Ash and Goh try to attack and capture the two wolves as you can see in the video below, however Zacian and Zamazenta are still in their ethereal form and immaterial. Recall that the episode 43 synopsis was released and it comes very close to the return of the legendary Mewtwo.

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