Osama Ranking announced: Wit Studio’s new anime will be released in 2021

After leaving the Attack of the Giants franchise with three extraordinary television seasons, Wit Studio thinks again about the future and new productions, including the TV adaptation of Osama ranking, an extremely popular manga in his homeland that has topped several rankings among the best titles in Japan for years.

In fact, Osama Ranking only took eighth place in the ranking of last year Manga most valued by male audiences, just below Demon Hunter. In fact, the anime was announced a year ago, although no further news was revealed during that period to date when Wit Studio confirmed that it had taken over the helm of the project. In this context, the first advertising poster that the Osama Ranking debut in October 2021. The plot follows:

The protagonist Bojji is a deaf prince with no special power who cannot even wield a wooden sword. His dream is to become the greatest king in the world, but he is not frowned upon by many people who gossip about him often and willingly. Bojji then befriends a shadow named Kage, who strangely can understand him very well. The latter is in fact the only surviving member of a clan of assassins. Even when he's no longer a killer, the shadow lives on by stealing. "

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