Many manga and anime fans often suggest clashes between two or more characters belonging to series that are also very different from each other, and when those video game ideas soon take shape, with titles like the recent Jump Force, most recently the Confrontation between Saitama One hit man and Goku from Dragon Ball.

The two characters under consideration undoubtedly reach gods impressive fighting powerMany fans analyzed their skills and techniques as much as possible and started an interesting discussion on the Internet. First, they answered the question @HeavenlyControl asked on social networks.

As you can see from the numerous posts at the bottom of the page, many have pointed out that the main rule of the series created by One and designed by Yusuke Murata is Saitama can defeat any opponent with a single blowand is therefore used to winning, while Goku lost several times against opponents who were significantly stronger than him, which gave the hard training room to improve.

Other fans were joking and always showing Saitama's superiority while someone was thinking about that Goku's ability to teleport the enemy into spaceand even caused their death. It seems that Saitama will emerge victorious according to the rules imposed in his series, but what do you think? Do you think Goku can win in a face-to-face game with Saitama? Let us know with a comment below.

Recall that Murata recently released an exclusive image of the new chapter and we leave you to a great drawing of Storm and Tornado signed by the artist.

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