One-Punch Man has arrived at a highlight of the manga. Thanks to the dispute between Garou and Saitama, Yusuke Murata has been preparing spectacular chapters from a narrative and, above all, artistic point of view in recent months. If the bald man with the cloak holds back, the monstrous man wants to reach higher peaks instead.

And he made it thanks to the intervention of God by One-Punch Man, with whom he got absolutely nasty. After Saitama is wiped out, it begins One Punch Man 166 with a new meeting with Master Bang. But Blast also arrives on the battlefield, having sensed the intrusion of God, and decides to face Garou, who is now deemed too far away to rescue. Hero #1 starts a fight with the villain, but even so, Garou seems too strong.

Determined to reach even higher peaks, Garou takes advantage of Genos' intervention who lunges at him headlong to stop him. In a magnificent double stick, he grabs him and stabs him, pulling out the core. A sea of ​​blood rains down from the sky, also drenching Saitama, who arrives there with astonished eyes to see his friend torn to pieces.

there Saitama's anger erupts in a heavy killer punch, which is mimicked by Garou. The two fists are about to collide, ending the chapter of One-Punch Man 166 when Blast warns that Earth is in danger.

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