Despite the defectors on both sides, the struggle is getting more and more fierce. The climax has been coming for a while, with a slow but steady crescendo, and while Bang also deals with Garo There is plenty of action on the other battlefield of One-Punch Man.

Atomic Samurai has received the Sword of the Sun, which he cannot pull out right away. the Chapter 151 of One-Punch Man focuses on him in the initial phase, with the swordsman being protected by his own and waiting for him to extract the new katana. This is indeed something special and is able to examine the mind and soul of the wearer and decide whether or not to reveal it. The soul of the Atomic Samurai, as shallow as calm water, manages to convince the sword to give it its power: the The arm of the atomic samurai merges with the sword of the sun Create a glowing blade that cuts through the Homeless Emperor's ball of light.

The enemy is stunned by the thing and works helplessly with it Atomic samurai prepare for another attack. However, the intervention of the newborn gold sperm blocks the power of the blade, not without damage if an arm is lost. The Sun Blade thus returns to its scabbard, causing a huge kickback that exhausts the heroic swordsman. The new monster intervention seems to have further reduced the hopes of the heroes, but here comes King.

His presence is enough to stop the One-Punch Man monsters, with the crowd of Black Sperm, Gold Sperm, and Homeless Emperor standing by as they try to understand his step. In fact, King worries them some and forces them to act calmly. Obviously the man is longingly hoping for Saitama's intervention, will he be able to resist long enough?

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