The anime of ONE PIECE eventually ended up with Crunchyroll, who bought the rights for a subtitled distribution at the Bel Paese. However, the large number of episodes that characterize the TV adaptation of Eiichiro Oda's manga forced the publisher to recreate the series in several installments.

The Dressorsa saga is officially over and it's time for our heroes Dare against Big Mom in the narrative arc called 'whole cake island '. The monthly appointment with ONE PIECE is therefore enriched with a new wave of useful episodes to accompany viewers for the month of June.

By publishing on social media, crispy roll has therefore announced that it has cataloged the entire Whole Cake Island saga, totaling nearly 100 episodes. For the accuracy and the curious, The episodes in question range from 783 to 878. What better opportunity than to re-enact one of opera's most exciting sagas while you wait for the service to simulcast the latest weekly program?

And you, on the other hand, will you recreate these episodes now that you have the opportunity? As usual, let us know with a comment below, but not before you've checked out the first spoilers of Chapter 1051 of ONE PIECE.

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