ONE PIECE: the team teases fans with a small teaser dedicated to anime

As you most probably know, the arrival of COVID-19 and the subsequent quarantine that has kept billions of people locked up at home for whole months has had very serious consequences for the global market, with each industry ending up being affected by the situation, including that dedicated to anime and manga.

Between canceled events and series whose release has been postponed, this first half of 2020 has been very poor in news and only recently the situation seems to be slowly returning to normal. Among the many productions that should resume their normal serialization, there is also the much appreciated animated epic of ONE PIECE that had been waiting for two good months.

However, it has recently been confirmed that the work will soon resume with its publication and various small teasers have been published on Twitter designed to enthrall fans. The last one was released in the last few hours, a single image - which you can view by scrolling down to the news - depicting a character that has been talked about on more than one occasion during the last narrative arc, or that Queen who promises sparks, with fans who are already looking forward to seeing the next episodes of the anime.

Before saying goodbye, we remind all interested parties that a splendid ONE PIECE themed figure dedicated to Ace was recently presented. In addition, in the last few days it has been made known that one of the Oda editors will soon abandon ONE PIECE.

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