The fourth great saga of ONE PIECE it is peppered with key moments from the Mugiwara journey. Luffy and his companions leave the Isle of Skypiea and face off against the Foxy Pirates in Davy Back Fight. After winning the game, the protagonists find themselves in front of Aokiji, one of the three Navy admirals, who warns them of the danger of Nico Robin.

The terms of the going merry lead the crew to water seven. Here they meet some members of the Galley-La Company, the best shipbuilding company in the world, and the Franky Family, who are stealing Usopp Gold for repairs.

The Going Merry cannot be repaired, and Luffy decides to invest in a new ship, which angers Usopp, who retires from the crew and challenges him and loses. Meanwhile, Iceburg, the town's mayor and head of Galley-La, is shot dead by Nico Robin. While trying to clarify the situation, the Mugiwara discover that several members of the company are actually agents of the Cipher Pol 9, organization serving world government tasked with finding the Pluton ancestors' weapon plans and bringing Robin to the Enies lobby.

The captive Robin, the CP9, makes his way to the island, pursued by the protagonists. Arriving at the Tower of Justice, Luffy confronts Blueno and reveals the Gear Second upgrade. Soon after the Mugiwara declare war on the world governmentand prepare to face CP9 to free Robin.

Spandam, leader of the organization, subpoena a little buster call, an event that Robin has already witnessed. As a child, the island of Ohara where she was born and raised was destroyed by too much knowledge. Robin was only able to escape thanks to Aokiji, and since then she has been considered a threat because she can read Poignee's handles.

While Luffy takes on the members of CP9, the crew deals with the Navy and Franky manages to save Robin. THE Joining Mugiwara are the Going Merry, from which they take their last farewell. With the money stolen from the crew, Franky built the Thousand Sunny, on which the protagonists continue their journey in new dimensions.

there CP9 saga narrated from chapters 303 to 441, ends with important news: Vice Admiral Garp and Dragon, leaders of the Revolutionary Army, are Luffy's grandfather and father. The Four Emperors rule for the first time New worldand we witness the clash between two of them: Shanks and Whitebeard.

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