2021 was a year full of milestones for us ONE PIECE, especially for reaching 1000 chapters of manga and 1000 episodes of anime. To also celebrate the achievement of such an important result with the community, Toei Animation presented a collectible puzzle that will arrive in December 2022.

While the manga is now being projected onto the final saga, in the anime the events of the narrative arc set in the land of Wa are still adjusting, particularly the fight between the 5 of the new generation and the two emperors, Kaido and Big Mom. Onigashima War led the Mugiwara and their allies to face very tough foes, among the most powerful they have ever faced, in a series of battles honored in the magnificent illustration.

Flanked by his companions and by Yamato, Law and Kidd, Luffy hits the massive Kaido and his best men, the Superstars and the Six Flying Companions. A work of art that encapsulates much of what the protagonists experienced in Wano, chosen as a 1000-piece festive jigsaw puzzle measuring 50 x 75 centimeters, put up for sale Price of 3740 yen, about 25 euros at the current exchange rate. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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