ONE PIECE is back! The anime taken from Eiichiro Oda's manga has finally made its return to the Japanese schedules and, consequently, also to Crunchyroll's. Episode 930 originally released on Sunday was supposed to be aired in late April, but as we all know Coronavirus has ruined the plans for many productions.

But now we can focus on new happenings of the ONE PIECE anime. As you will remember, Luffy is still in prison after Kaido's defeat. The emperor forced the protagonist of the work to wear agalmatolite handcuffs that prevent him from using the Haki or the skills of his Devil Fruit.

Luffy's spirit has not been broken, however, and he continues to go his own way in the prison, clashing with several jailers to save old Hyo. Taking advantage of Queen's arrival, which brought chaos and distraction to Udon prison, Luffy tries to escape with the old man on his shoulders. Climbing the overhanging walls of the prison, blow after blow Luffy climbs them but, due to the handcuffs, he is unable to continue much, thus failing in the attempt to escape. The event in the manga was not deepened, but as often happens the anime of ONE PIECE has expanded the scene.

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