The exciting arc of Wanokuni has entered perhaps its most active phase. After two acts spent preparing the attack, here we see in ONE PIECE the protagonists Luffy and companions in action together with the samurai company that must overthrow the government of Kaido and Orochi after twenty years of dictatorship, hunger, famine and terror.

In ONE PIECE 981 we witnessed the return of Marco who, however, does not seem to return to this week's chapter yet. Yesterday the first spoilers of ONE PIECE 982 were disclosed with discreet advance and the texts were all completely confirmed with the images that were posted on the net today.

The five images that you can observe in the gallery at the bottom of the news show us a Denjiro who has completed his plan fool Sasaki. Taking advantage of the disguise from Kyoshiro, the ex-samurai of Oden managed to tie the fish man to a stone with chains that apparently look like agalmatolite and this could still confirm the possession of a Devil Fruit for Sasaki.

Then there is Black Maria embraced a smiling Kaido, confirming that Tobi Roppo will not go looking for Yamato. And always around the Tobi Roppo seems to rotate the chapter as Page One and Ulti return in the final stages. The duo, after a small quarrel, runs into Luffy. It therefore seems that for the captain of the Mugiwara there is another clash on the horizon, after having narrowly escaped the one with Scratchman Apoo. What do you expect from ONE PIECE 982?

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