With the weeks that go by ONE PIECE: RED is getting closer and closer. Eiichiro Oda's next pirate movie will see Luffy and Shanks in the same story, maybe even in contact. However, it will not only be the two who will animate the plot of the Toei animated film: with them will be both pirates and members of the navy.

In a very short video, the staff of ONE PIECE: RED presented the character design of some characters. It started with the character design of Trafalgar Law and Bepo, the two most prominent members of the Heart Pirates who will also return in this feature film, but there was also another pirate in the video, along with two well-known members of the Navy.

In the last few days, the Twitter account of ONE PIECE: RED revealed the character designs of Koby, Helmeppo and Bartolomeo. The latter looks like a real oendan, i.e. the male cheering team, on a green background. He is therefore ready to show his love for Uta or maybe for his beloved Luffy-senpai.

There's also a certain force of justice at play, with Koby dressed very formally, as is Helmeppo, both trying to blend in with the crowd of Uta's fans. now What will be the next characters to be revealed by ONE PIECE: RED??

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