ONE PIECE is currently the most famous manga anime in the world. Also, given the career of twenty years and more, it is normal for the opera to have a very large group of fans around the world. This also resulted in mergers and mergers with other franchise companies. An example is where the Mugiwara SMugiwara meet Super Smash Bros.

But it's been like that lately The madness among us also exploded. The video game, which is about to receive new changes to support the wave of fans, has become trending and receiving parodies of various kinds. And at that point it was unable to produce a mix with Eiichiro Oda's manga.

Between us x ONE PIECE produced by a fan sees the implementation of Mugiwara in the world of Among Us. We therefore see in the picture below the captain Luffy together with the other nine crew members plus Bibi (and Carl) in the version of small dolls. The user The Catatonic who posted the fan art focused on capturing the key details of the Mugiwara Post time jump, obviously waiting to discover the last member of the leading group.

What do you think about this Mash-up between Among Us and ONE PIECE? We would like to point out that the fan Landonardo has prepared some special anime moves for the kills of the crew members for the game Among Us instead.

The Straw Hat Pirates from r / OnePiece

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