Throughout his more than twenty-year career, Eiichiro Oda has had numerous editors at his side, and while his determination has often overwhelmed their cues and ways of working, some have managed to offer him vital advice on how to move forward with his works, e.g ONE PIECE in particular.

Lately user @sandman_AP has been posting oddities about the pirate epic that Monkey D. Luffy and the Mugiwaras experienced and also about it background of its creation. After discussing how editor Sugita was moved by the chapter where Rebecca meets Kyros, the enthusiast dug up an old statement from 2015 in which Oda indicated he had received it one of the most valuable pieces of advice ever received from an editoreven before the start of ONE PIECE serialization.

Although he does not give the name of the editor who succeeded him at the time, Oda remembers his words clearly: "none of your female characters are cute!“. An observation that shocked the young mangaka, who since then has been committed to making the girls and women depicted in his works always attractive. "I couldn't sleep and I drew female characters all night' the author later recalled.

Were you aware of this oddity related to the early days of Oda's career? Let us know in the comments. We remind you that the annihilation of a supernova was shown in chapter 1079 of ONE PIECE and we leave you the exceptional figures that the manga reached in France in 2022, showing how immensely popular the series is still in Europe.

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