The Wano saga has held the table for several years. The anime of ONE PIECE continues this narrative line that will see a victory between Luffy and Kaido, with the consequent overthrow of one of the Emperors who rule the New World, upsetting all the balances that have existed so far.

The battle continues, setting the whole island of Onigashima on fire, with Kaido's castle full of men in every corridor and cave. The Straw Hat Crew are obviously among those to take on the various officers of the Kaiser Crew in an epic battle that now continues with the strongest in the game and therefore the highest stakes. As Zoro prepares to counterattack, the ONE PIECE anime is promoted with the new key visual for Wano climax which is approaching.

After the first illustration with Luffy and the Worst Generation, which had a red sky from the sunset behind it, it is now late at night with a purple climate. To be the protagonists this time There's Kaido and Big Mom, along with the two powerful disasters king and queen. Then there are all the contenders for the biggest fights: Kaido VS Luffy, Big Mom VS Kid and Trafalgar Law, Zoro VS King and Sanji VS Queen.

Definitely a great way to further fuel the hype for one of the most anticipated sagas in ONE PIECE history, and which will lead straight to the final phase of Eiichiro Oda's ten-year story. Do you like it? special visual with Kaido and Big Mom for Wano ending?

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