ONE PIECE sees a stark contrast between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Blackbeard Pirates. The former are the protagonists, who are above all animated by a cheerful spirit of discovery and adventure. We know them very well now, considering their adventures have been going on for so many years. Instead, the others are their opponents.

The clash between the pirates of Mugiwara VS Blackbeard will take place in ONE PIECE in its final phase which is now approaching. Surely there will be the confrontation between Luffy and Blackbeard or the two commanders, but what if they merge instead? Norridzuan imagined, a Merger between the Mugiwara and the Blackbeard Pirates in this series of highly imaginative fan art, presented in a video as usual.

That's the way it is Luffy and Blackbeard reunite, always the protagonist with a mean look and a long beard. Then follow Zoro with Shiryu, Nico Robin with Catalina Devon, Brook and Avalo Pizarro, Sanji and Lafitte, Franky and Burgess, Usopp and Van Augur, Chopper and Doc Q, Jinbe and Sanjuan Wolf, finally Nami with Vasco Shot.

Some might also be the characters that will clash, for others he has instead opted for a possible resemblance and a better fusion, although the choice to unite Nami with Vasco Shot is certainly a special one. This is what Luffy would look like as a marine in a character.

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