The style of Eiichiro Oda is very recognizable. Over the years the author of ONE PIECE Yes, he changed his character traits, but he kept some proportions and expressions of the characters almost intact, which makes him one of the defining elements of his manga. And the drawing style also had a big impact on its popularity.

Obviously, not everyone has mastered Eiichiro Oda’s drawing style. The many fans around the world have different traditions and studies as well as different perspectives and interpretations of the design behind them. For so many ONE PIECE fan art lead to the fact that the main characters are represented differently. That's not bad: These visions allow other ONE PIECE fans to see more real or detailed reinterpretations and versions of their favorite protagonists.

Fan and illustrator Oeuabcn suggested his version of. before Luffy in Gear Fourth in an illustration that won the ONE PIECE SubReddit. His all-digital style sees a luffy in the air wearing Wano's clothes, as evidenced by the pink and blue kimono at the waist and the sword in its scabbard on the left. An unedited version of Luffy, but still very popular.

There are other fans who have thought of Disney-style Luffy or other mangaka-style Luffy.

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