There are so many Characters and organizations in ONE PIECE, with the world of Eiichiro Oda unfolding on different levels. First and foremost, the world is kept in balance by the Four Emperors, the Navy, and the World Government. The latter organization is perhaps the most mysterious at the moment, with enigmatic plans.

It is they who manage the search of the Cipher Pols, the Pacifists and Vegapunk, it is they who are in contact with the Heavenly Dragons and their leader Im-sama seems to be one of the most powerful people in the world of ONE PIECE. But in order to lead the organization at least de jure, there is the original "Gorōsei" the five stars of wisdom. We have seen little of them and therefore they have many secrets, however how strong are the five stars of the wisdom of the world government really?

When we talk about political power, they inevitably belong to the most powerful individuals in ONE PIECE. You can control many organizations and even prohibit actions against the admirals of the Navy as well as decree the reputation of the buster call and much more. And what about physical strength? Practically nothing is known about this front of the five stars of wisdom. However, they all appear to be very strong physically, tall, and even armed. Someone has some scars and therefore seems to be the focus of various fights.

It can therefore be assumed that i five stars of wisdom are very strong although they may not be among the strongest individuals in the world. Certainly the secrets that surround you will be revealed in the last sheet of ONE PIECE.

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