The life of a mangaka can sometimes be so exhausting that it demands enormous sacrifices from the artists themselves. Eiichiro Oda, author of ONE PIECE he knows full well and admitted in an interview that he almost stopped producing the series for personal and family reasons.

there Pressure to meet deadlinesthe constant discussions with the editors and the reactions of the readers, are just some of the factors that can contribute to complicate a mangaka's career and constantly be in the spotlight as one of the main protagonists. Oda has been through some pretty tough times.

According to what was reported in an interview shared by @sandman_AP, an excerpt of which you can find translated below, in 2012 Oda has seriously considered quitting writing and drawing ONE PIECE when his daughter said to him: "Dad, you're too busy to spend enough time with me..."

Words that amazed the mangaka who managed to overcome this period of depression continue the story of Luffy and the Mugiwaras, now at the beginning of the final arc. Finally, we remind you that the ONE PIECE manga is currently on pause and we leave you to analyze the 3 islands where the last poneglyph could be located.

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