Over time in ONE PIECE, all characters in the Straw Hat Crew were forced to improve. There are those who have improved their weapons by integrating other technologies, those who have unleashed new techniques and uses of their devil fruit, and those who have simply or simply improved their raw power the use of haki.

In the crew of the protagonists of ONE PIECE there are those who know how to use this power with a mysterious origin and which also depends on the will of the user. The three colors of Haki are the prerogative of a few and the very rare one is the third, the conqueror king's haki. The protagonist Luffy has it, but the ONE PIECE anime has confirmed that another element of the crew knows how to use it.

In ONE PIECE episode 984 proposed on Japanese stations and Crunchyroll on Sunday July 25th, Roronoa dedicated a scene to Zoro. During the celebrations in Onigashima, the Kaido pirates relaxed their vigilance and let Luffy and the samurai infiltrate very easily. Zoro also infiltrated the crowd, but in one scene in particular, his presence triggered black lightning bolts.

These are an indication of the presence of the Conqueror King's Haki. Zoro unconsciously used the strongest hakiwhich confirms that the swordsman is one of the few ONE PIECE characters who can use him.

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