In the last chapter of the manga ONE PIECE We witnessed the continuation of the Onigashima War and while the samurai collides with Kaido in the upper part of the island, one of the main characters risks his life in the central square.

queen, one of the all-stars in Kaido's service, is known for his hobby of making weapons and especially viruses for combat and his own entertainment. During the war raging on the island off the coast of Wano, the emperor's subordinate pulled one of his creations, the name of which is, from its sheath Kori Oni We have already examined their properties in another article about ONE PIECE.

Unfortunately, one of Luffy's companions was infected with the virus on the last pages of the manga Tony tony chopper. After an exchange between the reindeer and Brook, who is apparently unable to get the wound, Nico Robin discovers that a The doctor's arm begins to freeze, clear symptom of the virus. This would get into serious trouble not just the unfortunate but all of his companions and the samurai who are in the place of the stage, as Chopper may be the only one who can find a cure for the blows inflicted by the weapon of the Queen caused.

Previously Luffy's partner He had managed to cure the captain of one of the viruses Created by Queen, but now a victim of the infection yourself, it could be very difficult to create an antidote.

What do you think? Do you think Chopper will be able to come up with a cure? I also remind you that chapter 995 of ONE PIECE ended on a cliffhanger.

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