ONE PIECE 994: A look at the original drawings by Eiiciro Oda

Battle looms over Onigashima, and while the samurai clash with the pirates, we readers have the opportunity to take a look at the original records from Chapter 994 of ONE PIECE without changes by the editor.

Eiichiro Oda's famous manga has come to what appears to be Highlight of the story. After a look back that revealed incredible parts of the story before the narrated events, including in relation to the famous pirate king, the narrative has now led to one War on the island of Onigashima between the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts, led by Kaido, and an alliance made up of several pirates, including the Straw Hat Crew, Mink and Samurai.

By Tweet reported at the end of the news We can see the photos of the original tables drawn by the author. in the first picture we can see the first table of the representative chapter Kaido, in its dragon form, e KikuAfter we suffered the attack of the emperor who took her arm, a detail of the story of ONE PIECE that we have already examined in another article. From the second to the fourth photo in this order we observe a close-up of Kaido's face in its human form, Luffy Intention to run to reach the roof of Onigashima and the face of Kinemon.

While we wait for the next chapter and the war to continue, many wonder how long it will be before the manga ONE PIECE shows us the arrival of Luffy at the place where the emperor is. In the meantime, let's enjoy the master's original drawings.

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