Egghead's incredible alliance has led the Straw Hat Pirates to battle new enemies, but together with two former antagonists out ONE PIECE. From that moment on, every victory is fundamental.

It begins with the classic mini-adventure, still centered on the adventures of the ancient organization of scientists led by Vegapunk, the MADS, with Judge Vinsmoke and Caesar Clown now adults who stop attacking each other , and understand that they need to get rid of the genius scientist, while in the background we see Ichiji and Reiju who are already teenagers.

The Chapter 1077 of ONE PIECE However, Real begins with Sentomaru hiding in an Egghead building along with other residents of the island. The ex-Navy member warns everyone to flee as the world government could destroy the island like they once did in Ohara, or even worse. So there is no time to lose for Mugiwara.

Mugiwara, who resume the fight in the central laboratory. Attacks on S-Bear and S-Hawk are ineffective, with Zoro then noticing that the two Seraphim have the appearance of Lunarians, show others how to use it. Meanwhile, Shaka leaves the situation to the four of them as he makes his way to a location that may be the answer to the mystery of Vegapunk's disappearance.

In another wing of the lab, S-Shark is hit with full force by Zeus' attack, but after sliding into the ground, he attacks Nami from behind. But just in time, Sanji arrives, who decides to deal with the Seraphim. Elsewhere, Lilith keeps S-Snake at bay with bubbles containing the power of Agalmatolite, but the little girl's charm manages to fool Franky and the others, and so they're all petrified after a few moves.

The However, the finale of ONE PIECE 1077 is reserved for Shaka. The first satellite of Vegapunk goes to an old laboratory where the devil fruits were studied, and there, after finding the cell with the scientist and the CP0 agents, he falls to the ground lifeless after receiving a bullet in the head has.

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