Eiichiro Oda awaits one of the most anticipated challenges of his work. In Chapter 1073 of ONE PIECE, Roronoa Zoro somehow has an opportunity to avenge the defeat he suffered almost at the beginning of the story.

After more than 1000 chapters since that terrible defeat, Zoro has another chance to challenge Mihawk. However, it's not yet the fight with the white arms that everyone has been waiting for. It's still too early to determine the best swordsman, although this fight gives readers a glimpse of what's to come.

In ONE PIECE 1073 the betrayal of Stussy silences the CP0 agents. However, Vegapunk's ally does not have the necessary clearance to stop command of the four Seraphim. TO Dealing with S-Hawks is obviously Zorowho with his swords stops the blow that should kill Vegapunk 02 Lilith.

So the Seraphim are stopped in time Zoro couldn't defend himself like he had hoped with the Dracule Mihawk clone, but this brief preview allows fans to anticipate one of the most anticipated clashes of all ONE PIECE. Would Zoro currently beat Mihawk and claim the title of World's Strongest Swordsman? It's too early to tell as with the release of ONE PIECE 1074, the King's Wing will be involved in the escape from Egghead.

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