The arrival of the Mugiwara to Egghead Island has caused much upheaval in their first major adventure in the final saga, and as they continue to uncover mysteries about the past and the incredible scientist Vegapunk, it seems the Revolutionary Army is on the verge of taking the first steps against it the world government.

Dragon and his allies' decision to launch the assault on the world government will surely end up upsetting the already delicate balance of the New World once again, but before Eiichiro Oda shows the real action, it seems to want to bring two characters back together after a long time. Thanks to Sabo Kuma, he was freed and returned to the ranks of the revolutionaries, but in the final tables of chapter 1067 of the manga, the gigantic former member of the Fleet of Seven seems to show a will of his own and starts running and moving away from his Companions on the island of Kamabakka.

Indefinitely, on Egghead Island, Jewerly Bonney He tries to threaten Vegapunk for what he did to his father Kuma himself. However, given Bartholomew's reaction, it's possible that his human side still has some kind of control, despite having now become a cyborg. Before he turns to attacking the world government, Kuma might want to see his daughter again, and this could also bring Luffy a lot closer to his father. What do you think of this strange turn of events? Let us know in the comments section.

Finally we leave you with the Egghead saga and the first spoilers of Chapter 1068 of ONE PIECE coming soon Sunday, December 4, 2022 on MangaPlus.

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