The general confusion in the waters of the New World sets the stage for the developments that the Mugiwaras will bring on their final voyage. However, in chapter 1059 of the ONE PIECE Eiichiro Oda rekindles the spark of hope through the memories of a great pirate, a former member of Whitebeard's crew.

Between rebellions fueled by Actions of the Emperor of FlamesAfter the assassination of King Cobra, in founding the terrifying criminal organization known as the Cross Guild, the Mugiwara lost many of the key events that herald one new era of piracy. Far from the shores of the land of Wa, Luffy and his companions begin to understand the confusing state the world order is in, and Oda manages to surprise readers with one unexpected meeting between Cappello di Paglia and Marco the phoenix.

The two hadn't met since the Whitebeard War and for the first time in a long time Luffy had the opportunity to thank Marco the valuable help bestowed upon him and his companions on that occasion. Marco remembers acting on impulse with Jinbe and says so confidently Ace would be proud of Luffy, which makes the protagonist smile. Before leaving, however, the phoenix invites Luffy and his companions to keep their eyes peeled, as the new era of piracy belongs to them.

A unique message, almost a prediction of what will happen in the final saga, which will surely make the Mugiwara clash with the other Emperors to once again demonstrate the supremacy of the new generation, as happened against Kaido and Big Mom .

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