The first chapters are dedicated to the last saga of ONE PIECE They continue to be the scene of many fairly important changes in the New World. After the rebellions fueled by the Emperor of Flames and the birth of the Guild of Crosses, an old acquaintance returns and threatens the Isle of Women directly: Amazon Lily.

The disbandment of the Fleet of Seven was decided during the reverie launched a series of naval attacks aimed squarely at the pirates who were part of it, including leading the pirate Kuja, as well Amazon Empress Lily, Boa Hancock. In the flashback of chapter 1059, Oda introduces the readers to the general situation the Amazons found themselves in. Due to their strength and some strategic preparation, the girls were able to repel the Marines' attack, only to be attacked by them black beard.

Teach took the opportunity of the Navy attack to approach Hancock as he was particularly interested in his power. In moments of terror, Blackbeard manages to take Boa, but luckily the Amazon Empress Lily keeps her cool, He manages to turn those present to stone, including the Emperor's men. Also, she threatens the latter, telling him that even if she dies and someone ate her fruit and inherited her powers, she is the only one who can bring her men back to normal.

Thanks to these provocations and the arrival of Rayleigh, the Dark King, Blackbeard retires, after proving once again how crazy and dangerous it is. Finally, we remind you that the ONE PIECE manga has been collected to the extent of 21,000 pages and we leave you to the predictions of Chapter 1060 of ONE PIECE.

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