The new era of piracy has begun. The Onigashima War ended in a tiring victory for the protagonists, and with the departure of Kaido and Orochi, Wano is finally free. In general everything seems to be going well, but in chapter 1052 of ONE PIECEa shadow of the Navy seems dangerously close to the nation.

Consider the currently unfolding events and the brief time skip that has now brought the narrative forward a week The arc, set in the land of Wa, can be said to be complete, four years after its debut. While Momonosuke organizes the administration and rebirth of the country, the Mugiwara have welcomed Yamato, a valuable ally during the conflict.

An atmosphere of solemnity and peace long lacking within these borders, but which is very likely to be soon disturbed by the direct intervention of the Navy. The Admiral was first introduced in Chapter 801 during the Dressrosa saga Ryokugyū remained in the shadows, only to reappear in the concluding tables of the chapter in question. On the way to Wano, the Navy man's face is yet to be seen in full, but Oda gave readers a very important clue.

Thanks to the powers that actually come from a fruit of the devil, theAdmiral can fly, twisted a rather large flower attached to his back like a spiral. This factor, combined with the details of his extraordinary power revealed by Do Flamingo, makes him a potentially dangerous adversary and a very interesting character to discover.

Finally, we leave you with the spoilers and images of Chapter 1053 of ONE PIECE.

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