whileAlliance between samurai and pirates fights against the superstars of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts and the Pirates of Big Mom, Yamato tries everything he can to keep his father Kaido on the roof of Onigashima. If he manages to go down to the castle before Luffy returns, it would be the end of the land of Wano.

ONE PIECE 1048 showed Yamato's past, which because of his Dream of becoming Kozuki Oden He was abused since childhood. Remembering the promise with the three daimyo of Wano and the words written in the Book of Oden, Yamato was able to fight like never before.

L'Episode 1049 of ONE PIECE starts with Luffy insistently asking Momonosuke to take off to reach Onigashima. Although Momo is now an adult, he still has the heart of a child. The fear of heights is stronger than the desire to save your country.

Meanwhile, the skull dome of Onigashima Castle continues epic battle between Yamato and Kaido. In this mortal battle, Yamato knows he has no hope of victory, but declares that he will resist until Luffy returns.

In fact, Yamato has been hit with great violence countless times, but despite this, memories of the friends who gave their lives for him keep him alive. Until a big pink dragon arrives on top of Onigashima. Luffy is back to get his revenge and use the as the first act Gear Fourth Snakeman in combination with one of Yamato's attacks, Emperor Kaido deals a powerful blow. With the release of ONE PIECE 1050, it will be Momonosuke's turn.

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