With Luffy defeated and in mortal danger, Otama managed to turn the tide of the war which takes place within the walls of Onigashima Castle. In fact, thanks to the little girl's words alone, the Mugiwara counterattacked in ONE PIECE 1039 with the help of new allies.

L'Episode 1040 of ONE PIECE anime brings us back to the live floor where Nami, Usopp and Otama continue their escape. Pursued by the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts, the three are saved by the intervention of the Gifters, who now side with the rebels. Aside from that, Nami strengthens her bond with Zeuswho became his partner in battle.

While I Pirates of Hearts try to save Luffy's life, whose pulse is weak after drinking a lot of water, Jinbe continues his constructive conversation with Who's Who. The pirate in Kaido's service confirms the fishman's version. A painter he was a member of CP9, but fell out of favor after a devil fruit he was tasked with escorting was stolen. The Red Who's Who ended up in jail for stealing from Shanks. He now has a chance to take revenge on whoever ate the gom-gom fruit.

However, Who is Who doesn't seem too intent on killing Jinbe, but more on learning a certain truth from him. When he was in prison, one of the guards told him about a legendary warrior who fought for the freedom of slaves and oppressed peoples like the fish people. Impressed by this story, Who is Who asked Nika for his freedom, but suddenly the guard who had told him this story died. It was probably the world government that shut it down, intending to keep these secrets in the dark.

Since Jinbe is a Man-Fish and was a member of the Sun Pirates, Who's Who assumes he knows the truth. And in fact the ex of the fleet of seven seems to know something, as she is alarmed by the antagonist's words. What does Jinbe really know about this guy named Nika and why is he keeping his friends in the dark about it? CP0 monitors the situation remotely and is ready to intervene to kill Who is Who. The truth may come out with the release of ONE PIECE 1041.

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