On the official site for the video game Neptunia Virtual Stars (also know as VVVtunia) A new promotional video was released for the launch.

The video presents the character Neptune promoting the video game and playing a Virtual YouTuber, while showing its gameplay. For its part, the game will be released in Japan on August 6 for the console Playstation 4 and in the West sometime in 2021.

The delivery a role-playing game whose launch coincides with the tenth anniversary of the franchise Neptunia. This game follows virtual idols teaming up with Mewtral's "Me and You" to protect the planet "EMO" from the threat known as "Anti".

Synopsis of Neptunia Virtual Stars

In the virtual world, networks of all dimensions coexist. In "EMO", a planet within the virtual world called "Virtualand", the invaders known as "Anti" have been destroying the ecosystem and currently the planet is on the verge of cataclysm.

However, EMO's goddesses successfully summon beings from other dimensions to protect their lands. These summoned beings were the goddesses of Gamindutri, Neptune, Noire, Blanck and Vert, as well as the Virtual YouTubers "Me" and "You", from the group "Mewtral".

Summoned to an unknown world, will the goddesses in conjunction with Mewtral be able to become EMO's saviors?

Source: Gematsu



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