Naruto Masashi Kishimoto's father's birthday was on November 8, 2022. This year, however, is the 20th Anniversary of Television Anime and there are many surprises.

Among them, fans can appreciate the remake-style Naruto 2022 trailer released on October 3 by Pierrot Studioor the new artwork of the master that is present thanks to the tweet by WSJ_manga at the bottom of this news.

Seeing the ink strokes and copics expertly spread on paper by the master Kishimoto is a treat for the eyes, and it is also curious to see how his drawing style has evolved during this journey, which shows no signs of ending yet, but it does others extended very well in an official way between spin-offs, Boruto and disparate projects. In fact, among the latter, the NARUTO THE GALLERY exhibition will open on December 10 in Japan, β€œwhere viewers can admire visual insights into the bonds between characters according to anime transposition.

Meanwhile, the final steps for the new Akihabara exhibition are being completed before welcoming customers to precisely celebrate the forthcoming debut of the GALLERY the new illustration at the bottom is ready: the young Uzumaki winks at himself in adulthood with a wink; do you like the picture Let us know with a comment below!

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