The broadcast of episode 293 has finally stopped first part of the anime Boruto. Freed from this weekly commitment and later from the summer release of the film Black Clover and Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, Studio Pierrot is free to focus on the unreleased episodes of Naruto.

In 2023 Naruto is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the animated series' debut. To celebrate this glorious event, numerous projects have been inaugurated, including the return of the anime with a series of four unreleased episodes, but not much is known about them yet.

Studio Pierrot is waiting to spread more details that will allow fans to better understand the ongoing project and occasionally releases some Commercials that take us back to the events of Naruto.

Naruto's latest promo video was dedicated to Akatsuki, the horrific organization led by Pain who intended to seize the power of the Tailed Beasts. However, the one shared in the last few hours is entirely dedicated to it Trio of Genin from Team 7. The mentioned Naruto 20th Birthday Clip is therefore dedicated to Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura and the most important moments of the first part of their adventure. From the first glimpse of the challenge between Naruto and Sasuke between the ninja academy desks, to the bond between Naruto and Jiraiya, to Sasuke Uchiha's horrifying memories of the massacre of his clan.

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