When it comes to the latest Nintendo exclusive, Animal Crossing New Horizons, anime and manga fans finally have the opportunity to customize their characters with the signature clothes of some protagonists and recreate the settings of their favorite series as it happened Naruto .

Konoha plays a very important role in the narrative of Masashi Kishimoto's work, especially in the first part, and to pay homage to the Leaf Village, a fan on his Animal Crossing Island has some of the most important locations that appear in the course of chapters and episodes.

User @ Xnd991 shared the stunning pictures below on Reddit and featured four different characters. Itachi, Naruto, a mysterious member of the ANBU organization, and Kakashion different backgrounds with numerous details such as rivers, bridges and huge stone walls that show the passion and time required to achieve certain results.

After receiving positive comments and numerous inquiries regarding the island's dream code, the enthusiast promised to update the post new panoramas and insights from his very personal Konoha.

Recall that Sasuke Uchiha got a $ 400 statue and that the Ichiraku Ramen could soon become an official LEGO set.

I just finished my Naruto island in Animal Crossing and thought I'd share some of my favorite photos here from r / Naruto

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