During the Chunin Tournament saga, the Naruto's world expanded dramatically. If young Uzumaki and his teammates encountered ninjas from the Land of Mist during their first mission, in the next saga they had to deal with a variety of ninjas from around the world created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Among them were also the boys of the village of sand, represented in particular by Gaara from the desert, a red-haired boy of the same age as Naruto and among others also the carrier of a hunter, the tethered Shukaku. Initially an opponent, thanks to his meeting with Naruto Gaara, he will change his attitude and become more and more friendly, even become Kazekage during Naruto's time warp: Shippuden.

Its power keeps growing over time, and thanks to that we can now see it in action Statuette of Gaara with his bijuu at work. Surge Studio has started the pre-order of this creation, 37 cm high in the normal version and 60 cm in the EX version. The cost changes too, with the first version costing just €190 while the EX version costs €685.

Available from Q1 2023, Gaara is ready to unleash its sandy strength on your shelf. Speaking of Cercoteri, here is a statuette of the Kyuubi or the one with Naruto and Kurama together.

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