The manga of My hero academiaNow, however, after completing the previous story arc, it may be time to bring back a specific character ...

While in terms of the My Hero Academia anime, we eagerly await the arrival of the fifth season and the challenge between 1a and 1b in the manga We are now at the end of the intense war arc, history has taken a rather dramatic turn.

In the last available chapter, we figured out what happened to many of our favorite heroes, but we also found out about the (passing?) Several other professional heroes retiredwho appeared to have been badly hit by the Rogue League attack and left the cities unattended.

In addition to the revolt in prison a few chapters ago, this overall could be the ideal scenario for the reappearance of one of the series' most famous villains: Color the Eliminate Heroes.

The character's purpose, after all, was always Clear the city of false heroesGiven recent events and the "players on the field" right now, we are sure he would have a lot to say and most importantly, it would be interesting to see which faction he could possibly join.

What do you think? Are we going to review Stain in the next few chapters?

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