The war is now at an advanced stage and it is still not possible to see the rays of light penetrating the dark clouds imposed by All for One and its criminals. Now to the heroes of My hero academy it’s just counting on hope, trying to hold out long enough while waiting for decisive action.

That doesn’t happen in there My Hero Academy 385, a chapter that marks the manga’s return from Horikoshi’s sudden hiatus, but which also marks a major victory for All for One. Mount Lady, Tokoyami, Gigantomachia and Yoarashi still use all their powers to keep the villain in check in this position without moving him, but suddenly two attacks severely injure the two giants. After that, a very rejuvenated All for One without much body or skin launches a deadly light attack that hits the Dark Shadow, Hawks and Tokoyami full force.

Following the new youthful passion and desire not to hold back, All for One cleans up, which kills all nearby heroes. Hawks tries to stop him, but to no avail, the villain decides to steal his Quirk with the decision to then head to Tokoyami. However, an attack from Mineta, who attaches one of his sticky bullets to the villain’s leg, causes him to give up and convinces him to go to Shigaraki as soon as possible due to his body’s time rewind going faster than expected.

Everything was shown to the world because the helicopters were filming the situation, causing despair among the civilians in the tunnels. One of these reveals he’s an All for One henchman and is captured, but not before he can do some damage, but thankfully with no consequences. Chapter 385 of My Hero Academia ends with a sudden change of scene that sees the return of Shoto Todoroki and Tenya Iida, both exhausted but secretly observed by Stain. Then the next chapters of My Hero Academia will be released.

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