After a long wait, it has now been running in Japanese cinemas for almost two weeks My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission, the third film in the Kohei Horikoshi franchise to generate frightening revenue. To help spread the word about the film, the anime’s Twitter profile has released three new official images!

While nothing is known about its international release, My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission is breaking the Japanese box office. The third film recorded revenue over $ 14 million, a number that has surpassed that conquered by its two predecessors, Two Heroes and Heroes Rising.

In order to further boost ticket sales, the official anime account of My Hero Academia has been published three advertising imagesdepicting Midoriya, Flect Turn, and Beros, respectively, two unreleased villains.

The first picture shows Izuku Midoriya, in civilian clothes and with a “fishing hat”, making the victory gesture. On the right wrist you can see the scars he got while trying to master the One For All, the mythical quirk inherited from All Might.

The second, however, is dedicated to Flect turn, mysterious character who leads the organization of Villain, who calls himself Humanize. The criminal’s ultimate goal is to bring about a catastrophic disaster that will mean the end of quirks and society of heroes.

The third and final promotional image shows a sub by Flect Turn, that is Beros, Villain who excels for his archery skills. We leave you Horikoshi’s commentary on the third My Hero Academia film.

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