With a race that started in early October 2022, My hero academia season 6 saw the heroes launch a decisive attack on the villains. However, the attack didn't go as planned, and the Supernatural Liberation Front won thanks to the incredible power of Shigaraki and his allies.

After 13 intense and adrenaline pumping episodes, My Hero Academia Season 6 takes a week off. The war between heroes and villains has indeed come to an end as All For One mastered Shigaraki's body and managed to escape from the battlefield. That What will happen in the second cour of My Hero Academia 6?

The first part of season six has come to a head with the heroes on their knees. Deku has all limbs incapacitated due to the power of One For All, Bakugo has been badly injured, and numerous other heroes are either dead or injured. However, the worst consequences will fall on Endeavor and Hawks, the two main suspects following the Dabi exposure. Will the populace regain trust in the company of heroes they failed to protect from the onslaught of villains?

As for the Supernatural Liberation Front, numerous criminals have been imprisoned. All For One has revealed that he still needs time before Shigaraki's body is truly ready to receive all of his powers. Therefore, in order to gain time, it is necessary to keep the heroes busy. In the second part of My Hero Academia 6, the narrative arc of the flight from Tartarus is adapted. Here are the thumbnails of My Hero Academia 6x14.

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