The fifth season of My hero academia Not only does it focus on the new class 1-A student against the Big Three exercise, but it also focuses on exploring some of the hidden sides of both the heroes and villains, especially with regards to the mysterious mission of Pro Hero number 2 , Hawks.

Keigo Takami has undoubtedly earned his current reputation for his demeanor and incredible abilities derived from the Quirk Fierce Wings, however one of the last scenes shown, which portrayed him together with the dangerous dabi, especially surprised the community. In particular, this new mission has been entrusted to Hawks by the Public Safety Commission, and it's a pretty risky path Collect information about the Villain Union.

In addition, there is an equally important goal: Learn more about the Nomu and about the various researches and resulting experiments that Shigaraki's group is conducting. This is largely related to the intense confrontation seen in the season four finale A single Nomu could hold his own against both Hawks and Endeavor himself, Pro Hero number 1.

Recall that the episode 5x03 preview was a new challenge for 1-A, and we'll let you find out why Endeavor and Dabi have pending deals.

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