We have seen quite a few deaths in the course of My Hero Academia. The anime, for example, commemorated the death of Nighteye with its fourth season. After participating in the fight, he was given a lock on a hospital bed.

Even the bad guys had their dead to mourn, like them very new twice which ended in the hands of the hero Hawks. Like many others, he was at the center of the chapters of My Hero Academia full of pathos and meaning. However, this does not appear to have happened to any of the recent deaths.

In Chapter 296 of My Hero Academia, we see the bad conditions of professional heroes and also remember those who have left us. Aside from Crust, who had a dignified ending, and X-Less, who had faced Shigaraki, Midnight also passed, a heroine who died without fanfare.

It was Horikoshi's decision to let midnight die behind the scenes has been correctedeven though she is probably the most prominent heroine of those who died in that battle? Probably because he remembers that The end is never worthy of everyoneNor can it be in a deadly war like the one that has just ended.

However, it will be important to see how the death of midnight will affect his students in the future, who have already planted it in some poignant cartoons.

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