My Hero Academia: Toga’s bloodlust strikes again

Despite the "War of Paranormal Liberation" narrative by My hero academia Himiko Toga is coming to an end and is still carrying out brutal murders in search of answers. The new chapter of the manga allows us to examine the psyche and real intentions of the villain.

Toga is hands down one of the most popular members of the Union of Villains. His cheerful way, his strange way of doing things and his crush on Deku hide his evil nature and his psychotic worldview. The girl is simply trying to "live her life without consequences" and does not understand why the heroes want to deny her this opportunity. In chapter 288 of My Hero Academia, Toga performs one of the most heinous acts ever committed in search of answers.

To get closer to Ochaco, Toga kills an old woman steal their looks. The villain approaches the uravity in disguise and asks her if the heroes will mistakenly kill her during the fight. Toga's question stems from the idea that Pro Heroes society is willing to sacrifice innocent lives to stop the bad guys.

But the antagonist's disguise disappears in surprise when Ochaco declares that he will do everything possible to save the loved one from the old lady. This event is highlighted again the dual personality of togawho, despite their evil nature, manages to feel strong emotions such as emotions or friendship. While waiting to discover the villain's fate, a fan discovered a detail of the One For All of My Hero Academia.

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