The new wave of the Covid-19 pandemic could again cause serious inconvenience to the world of Japanese animation, but the sound director of the My Hero Academia animation series confirmed that work on the fifth season is currently progressing rapidly.

With the global epidemiological situation worsening, it seems almost obvious that numerous productions can be delayed or even canceled. However, one of the most anticipated works of the New Year seems to have escaped danger. Masafumi Mira, Sound Director of My Hero Academia Season 5, wanted reassure fans of the franchise by Kohei Horikoshi with a post on Twitter.

""Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, work in the audio sector of the fifth season of My Hero Academia is progressing step by step towards the planned release in spring. However, this is a series that a lot of people are working on, and we can't do things the way we've always done them. The workload and the time spent on it have multiplied. I'm worried the director and audio staff may run out of energy. We will work safely and carefully, borrowing the power of all My Hero Academia fans!".

Hence all take necessary precautionsThe My Hero Academia season five staff are hardworking. The way of working has obviously changed compared to the past; The team is likely in smart work mode, with working hours increasing accordingly. A character from My Hero Academia is waiting for news and has landed in Demon Slayer. Kohei Horikoshi has promised that important news will arrive on My Hero Academia soon.

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