One came new stage in My Hero Academia, a phase in which Kohei Horikoshi surprised all readers. For Izuku Midoriya, a whole new era is opening up, full of dangers to be overcome, some of which we have already seen in the past few weeks.

Over the weeks Deku had to adapt to his new life as a wandering hero, travels from town to town, being relentlessly chased by All Might, trying to save as many civilians as possible. The protagonist of My Hero Academia seems to have already reached the limit and in fact there was a big implication in the last chapters of the manga, which perhaps culminated in the end of My Hero Academia 321.

But one fan decided to come back at least for readers by the time it all started. In the At the end of Chapter 306 of My Hero Academia, we see a Deku standing on top of a building an unknown city while a skyscraper collapses because of a villain we later discover to be muscular. Many fans have already tried their hand at different color sizes over the weeks and suggested their own version of Deku with its green hero uniform and blue sky. But Crain Art decided to give it an extremely dark and terrible look by showcasing the color that you can see below.

This time Deku stands on top of the building at night, with a devastated and burning city enveloped in clouds of dark smoke. The text fields are stained with blood and partially burned, which makes the atmosphere even heavier. Prefer the classic setting or this one much darker version of My Hero Academia?

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