The plot of My hero academia It is shaped by friendships, rivalries, and resentments. When some relationships are highlighted well for fans, like the competition between Bakugo and Deku or its idolatry against All Might, others are more hidden, like the deep bond between Eraserhead and Midnight.

Shota Aizawa and Nerumi Kayama's relationship began long before they both became teachers at Yuei High School. As evidenced by the near graduation spin-off from Vigilante My Hero Academia - Illegals, they met when they were still UA students. They acted as a team. It was Nerumi who helped him enter the hero Tenma Nakaoji agency.

During this time the joyful midnight and the somber eraser They formed a strong friendship share a passion for cats. In addition, the two faced the death of their friend Oboro, whose body was later taken by All For One to transform him into the "Nomu-like" named Kurogiri. Later, when she became a teacher at the Yuei, the underage heroin ban almost forced her friend to do the same.

Back in school, Aizawa was an insecure kid who lacked initiative, and it didn't seem like he could become a professional hero. However, midnight made it get the best out of himwho returned that trust by developing a much closer relationship with her than what is seen in work.

What do you think of this "hidden" friendship? According to Vigilante, the origins of One For All could breathe life into a new predecessor to My Hero Academia.

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