The fifth season finale of My hero academy has seen training and improvement of both heroes and villains. Now the two factions seem almost ready for open battle, and that’s exactly what the final seconds of the final series reveal. War is therefore to be expected in My Hero Academia 6.

And now that moment is near. The next episodes are slated for October, with Crunchyroll releasing its trailer for My Hero Academia in preparation for Season 6’s debut on its platform. It certainly isn’t the only promotional video for the next season, as new clips from the next few episodes are arriving on local channels in Japan.

Here’s one My Hero Academia 6 trailer of few seconds, prepared for promotion on television. Several pro heroes are highlighted in 15 seconds: Endeavor with his Prominence Burn, Aizawa with exploiting Quirk Cancelling, Hawks and his feather control, Mirko and his powerful kicks. Also in the following seconds there is room for Present Mic, Edgeshot, Mount Lady and Midnight, in short, all the best to them Japanese hero landscape from My Hero Academia.

Season 6 will premiere in Japan on October 1, 2022.

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