On the occasion of the publication of Volume 31 of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi wanted to apologize to his readers for an editorial error that appeared in chapter 299. Even the greatest are said to be wrong.

In the original language of chapter 299 entitled "Like That Tragic Tales" and essential to learning the narrative background of Hawks, a trivial editorial mistake. To begin with, the editors of the work forgot to correct a basic speech by Hawks due to the rush required by serialization.

The chapter leads us to the discovery of the dark origins of hawks. Little Keigo Takami lived in a criminal family but was taken away by the Public Security Commission, which made him his own hit man. During this flashback, the current hero is number two speaks in dialect.

"Hawks did not speak in dialect in the chapter of his past (chap. 299)"you can read in one additional page by My Hero Academia Vol. 31. "It's actually because I submitted the script too late so we didn't have time to correct it. I'm sorry, he didn't speak a dialect. ".

This bug is obviously not in the English translation and Spanish appeared on MangaPlus, but Horikoshi still wanted to be awarded by all Japanese readers. On another extra page, Horikoshi revealed a dark detail about the new Midoriya. Finally, we leave you to the My Hero Academia Volume 32 teaser.

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